These Unique & Difficult Times

You all know that this season is colored by what has transpired in the world around us, and the direction our national culture appears to be moving in.

Those of us who honor the value of all our brothers and sisters remain committed to a better way forward and a vision of all souls in oneness and harmony. Each instrumental voice is needed to flush out the creative symphony of our multi-dimensional society: a society that is at the root of the American premise—to live and let live, to honor all people regardless of who or whose they are or where they come from.

And this requires that we atune to a higher frequency of awareness and action. Our brothers and sisters will be challenged and we must be prepared to stand for them when it may not be easy or convenient.

Perhaps this was a necessary thing, so that we could re-commit ourselves to what we actually believe.

My commitment remains. Like a tree by the waters, I shall not be moved.


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